Job Description / 职位描述

ž   Position/职位:Postdoctoral Researcher / 博士后

ž   Number of Positions/招聘人数:2

ž   Specialization/专业要求:Pathogenic Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, etc. / 病原微生物学,分子生物学,结构生物学等

ž   Minimum Educational Qualification/最低学历: Ph.D. / 博士

ž   Work Experience/工作年限:No specific requirement, candidates with experience studying in the United States are preferred / 经验不限,有留学经历者优先

ž   Professional Title Requirements/职称要求Not specified / 不限


International Exchange / 跨国交流

During the station period, you can conduct research projects at the Spirochete Research Laboratories of the University of Connecticut, Connecticut Children’s - Division of Infectious Diseases, and UConn Health - Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine, under the guidance of Prof. Justin Radolf.

在站期间可前往美国康涅狄格大学Spirochete Research Laboratories Connecticut Children’s - Division of Infectious Diseases & UConn Health - Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine实验室在Prof. Justin Radolf指导下进行课题研究。


Job Responsibilities / 岗位职责

Participate in the collaborative project between the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and China, titled "Global sequence and surface antigenic diversity of Treponema pallidum outer membrane proteins" (UCHC7-122226512). Specifically, conduct research on the development of nanovaccines by combining single-cell omics sequencing technologies and bio-tracing techniques to screen for syphilis disease progression biomarkers and protective antibodies.


Ø  Familiarity with clinical aspects of syphilis and its immunopathogenic mechanisms,as well as foundational experiments and animal experiments related to syphilis. / 熟悉梅毒临床相关内容及其免疫学发病机制,梅毒相关基础实验和动物实验;

Ø  Prokaryotic expression and purification of key ECL (extracellular loop) of Treponema pallidum candidate proteins. / 梅毒螺旋体候选蛋白关键ECL的原核表达,纯化;

Ø  Detection of the reaction between key ECL and antibodies from different patient sera. / 关键ECL与不同病人血清抗体的反应检测;

Ø  Use bioinformatics tools to analyze the genomic polymorphism of Treponema pallidum, focusing on the variation of outer membrane proteins. / 利用生物信息学工具解析梅毒螺旋体基因组多态性,聚焦螺旋体外膜蛋白的变异;

Ø  Preparation of monoclonal antibodies from BCR (B cell receptor) sequences of skin lesions.  / 从皮损BCR序列制备单克隆抗体;

Ø  Screen and validate antibodies obtained from the existing syphilis protein library. Use the obtained antibodies to screen, identify, and analyze unknown syphilis proteins. / 用现有的梅毒蛋白库,筛选和验证得到的抗体,并用得到的抗体,筛选和鉴定和解析未知梅毒蛋白;

Ø  Other research related to syphilis. / 其他梅毒相关的研究。


Compensation and Benefits / 薪酬与福利待遇

Competitive salary and research team conditions will be provided on the research platform. Enjoy social insurance, housing fund, and relevant benefits from the hospital, including accommodation. After entering the station, there is a postdoctoral startup fee, and during the station period, there is supporting funding for national and provincial projects. Outstanding performers may have the opportunity to stay on at the institute after leaving the station, with resettlement fees and establishment in the career system.



Job Requirements / 岗位要求

ž   Ph.D. graduate in relevant majors such as pathogenic microbiology, molecular biology, structural biology, etc. / 病原微生物学、分子生物学、结构生物学等相关专业背景博士毕业;

ž   Experience in recombinant protein expression using expression systems like Escherichia coli and mammalian cells, as well as related work in expression system selection, purification, antigen/antibody production, and identification. Experience in the study of bacterial outer membrane proteins is preferred. /具备大肠杆菌、哺乳动物细胞等表达体系进行重组蛋白表达,表达体系选择和纯化及抗原或抗体的生产及鉴定等相关工作经验,若有细菌外膜蛋白研究经验者优先

ž   Basic understanding of bioinformatics. / 对生物信息学具备一定了解和基础;

ž   Strong research literacy, ability to plan and execute experiments, solve experimental problems, and analyze results. / 有较好的科研素养,能够合理制定实验计划,实施及解决实验中出现的问题,分析实验结果;

ž   Strong teamwork, communication, coordination, and expression skills. / 有较强的团队协作,沟通,协调和表达能力。



二级主任医师、教授、博士研究生导师、博士后合作导师 国务院特殊津贴专家,南方医科大学皮肤病医院党委书记、院长,美国北卡罗莱纳大学客座教授,广东粤港皮肤科学研究联合实验室主任,国家药监局化妆品安全性评价重点实验室副主任。

从事皮肤病临床、教学、科研多年,期间曾在英国伦敦大学及美国华盛顿大学深造,临床及科研工作经验丰富。主要研究方向为免疫炎症性皮肤病、损容性皮肤病、梅毒研究。近年来带领团队重点聚焦增生性瘢痕成纤维细胞增殖调控、皮肤类器官以及梅毒潜伏感染免疫逃逸机制研究,同时与美国杜克大学、康涅狄格大学优秀科研团队合作,结合单细胞等组学测序技术和生物示踪技术,筛选梅毒疾病进展生物标记物及保护性抗体用于纳米疫苗的开发研究。先后主持国家自然科学基金国合重点项目、面上项目、NIH国际合作项目及省自然科学基金13项,获省级科技进步奖三项,实用新型专利四项,主编及参编著作12部。以第一作者或通讯作者发表学术论文130余篇,SCI收录110余篇,其中部分研究成果已发表在NatureCommunicationsProtein CellJAMA Dermatology JAADJACJID等高水平专业期刊上。目前已培养博士生7名,硕士生20余名,博士后6名,先后荣获广东省医学领军人才”“全国先进工作者”“全国优秀中青年医师”“第二届广东医师”“广东优秀院长”“首届羊城名医等称号。


Dr. Yang Bin, an Associate Chief Physician, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, and Postdoctoral Collaborative Supervisor, is a recipient of the State Council's Special Allowance. She currently serves as the Party Secretary and Dean of the Dermatology Hospital at Southern Medical University. Additionally, she holds a position as a Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina in the United States and serves as the Director of the Joint Laboratory of Dermatological Science Research in Guangdong, Hong Kong. Dr. Yang is also the Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory for Cosmetic Safety Evaluation at the National Medical Products Administration.

With years of experience in clinical practice, teaching, and research in dermatology, Dr. Yang pursued further studies at the University of London in the UK and Washington University in the US, accumulating extensive clinical and research experience. Her primary research interests include immunoinflammatory skin diseases , disfiguring skin diseases and syphilis. In recent years, she has led a team focusing on the regulation of scar fibroblast proliferation, the study of skin-like organs, and the immune evasion mechanism of latent syphilis infection. Collaborating with excellent research teams from Duke University and the University of Connecticut in the United States, Dr. Yang employs single-cell omics sequencing technologies and bio-tracing techniques to identify biomarkers and protective antibodies for the development of nanovaccines against syphilis.

Dr. Yang has successfully led numerous research projects funded by national and provincial grants, receiving recognition through awards and patents. She has authored or co-authored over 120 academic papers, with many published in prestigious journals such as Nature Communications, Protein Cell, JAMA Dermatology, and others. Dr. Yang has also supervised the training of seven doctoral students, over 20 master's students, and six postdoctoral researchers, earning her titles and honors such as "Leading Medical Talent in Guangdong Province," "National Advanced Worker," "National Outstanding Young Physician," and others.

美方导师:Justin D. Radolf





Justin教授在梅毒基础研究尤其是螺旋媒体研究有非常丰富的经验和深厚的研究基础,1999年至今,他在梅毒领域的研究一直受到美国NIH的资助,他共主持申请了42项美国国立卫生院等项目,对梅毒螺旋体进行深入的研究,获资助金额超过3000万美元,目前有一项梅毒的在研项目(NIH项目);申请获得一项梅毒螺旋体相关专利;共发表包括梅毒研究在内的传染病相关研究文章204篇(其中关于梅毒的一项研究发表在医学领域顶刊《新英格兰医学杂志》上),应邀参加125场梅毒螺旋体相关研究的会议并发言;参与编写三本传染病相关专著;为两本梅毒相关的专著撰写章节:《Treponema and Brachyspira, Human Host-Associated Spirochetes》,《Treponema pallidum (Syphilis)


Co-PI Professor Justin D. Radolf

Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Genetics and Genome Sciences, and Immunology

Director of Research, Department of Medicine

Senior Scientific Advisor, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Professor Justin has extensive experience and a profound research foundation in the field of syphilis basic research, especially in the study of spirochetes. Since 1999, his research in the field of syphilis has been continuously funded by the U.S. NIH. He has jointly applied for 42 projects from the U.S. National Institutes of Health and other institutions, conducting in-depth research on syphilis spirochetes, with funding totaling over 30 million U.S. dollars. Currently, he has an ongoing syphilis project (NIH project) and has applied for a patent related to syphilis spirochetes. He has published over 200 research articles on infectious diseases, including syphilis research, with one syphilis-related study published in the prestigious medical journal "The New England Journal of Medicine." Additionally, he has been invited to speak at 125 conferences on syphilis spirochetes. He has also contributed chapters to two syphilis-related monographs: "Treponema and Brachyspira, Human Host-Associated Spirochetes" and "Treponema pallidum (Syphilis)."


How to Apply/申请方式


Please send your resume and cover letter













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